My experience spans positions in customer service, sales, education, project management, nonprofits and writing. I see these varied industries as working together to create a rich, well-rounded background that I have found helps me work well with people and projects, big pictures and details, and the path from creativity to product.

Content Writer and Project Manager

Taste Tidewater Tours
April 2013 – Present

Taste Tidewater Tours is a premier wine, brew and food tour company. They came to me in the spring of 2013 wanting to build a website, put together marketing content and a script for their tours. With the help of a graphic designer we created a clean, simple website that is easy for them to manage and update but robust enough to meet their needs. In addition we created rack cards for area hotels and tourist spots, graphics and logos for their executive limo bus and a script to accompany their tours throughout the region.

Content and Technical Writer

Artsmith Media
August 2012-Present

Artsmith Media is a small web design shop in downtown Norfolk, VA that focuses on developing on a platform called Drupal. At ASM I write their technical Drupal manuals for their clients when their websites are completed. These manuals walk them through the back end of the websites with step-by-step instructions along with screen shots of how to complete updates and edits. Additionally, as a content writer for ASM, I conduct “content audits” on client website, giving them feedback on how to improve their content and increase traffic as well as customer conversions on their site. I also write website content for clients and help put together and conduct webinars for ASM clients on writing for the web, web marketing, and social media. Occasionally I blog for the Artsmith Media website on topics that have to do with writing, grammar and web marketing.
Artsmith Media Website


Buy Fresh Buy Local Hampton Roads
August 2010 – Present

After volunteering with BFBLHR for many months, I was asked by the board of directors to come on as their part time Executive Director. As a fairly new nonprofit, this would be their first paid position. My focus in this position is on public relations, marketing and communication on behalf of BFBLHR which includes press releases, press kits, marketing strategies, website content and social media outreach as well as more administrative and communicative tasks such as partner and sponsor contacts, fundraising, and management of funds and records. I also help produce, write and edit their annual food guide, which is their signature product. Each year I produce new and interesting narrative pieces to include in the guide that gives readers information on why, how and where to purchase local food. I also manage the production and distribution of the guide. Because BFBLHR is just beginning to grow in the nonprofit world, it is important that my goals and sights stay on growing the organization from the inside as well as making it more visible to the public in our area.
Buy Fresh Buy Local Hampton Roads’ Website
Buy Fresh Buy Local Hampton Roads’ Facebook Page
Buy Fresh Buy Local Hampton Roads’ Twitter Feed


Freelance Writer

Tidewater Community College, Workforce Development
August 2010 – Present

In August 2010 the Vice President of Workforce Development at Tidewater Community College asked me to come on as a freelance writer to produce an E-newsletter that they could send to existing and potential clients, as well as students, faculty and local community organizations. Writing these newsletters involves brainstorming story and theme ideas with the Vice President at WFD, researching and interviewing contacts, then writing and editing cohesive stories that cover all aspects of a program. The first issue went out in September of 2010 with great success. I continue to produce a newsletter for them on a bi-monthly basis. The division also asked me to help them work through the content on their new website which will be going live in the fall of 2013. I am continuing to work with WFD as well as their advertising agency to create a clean, simple website that guides students through their programs and ultimately leads to enrollments.
View past issues of the WFD E-Newsletter.


Tidewater Women
July 2012 – Present

I write a monthly column called “What’s in Season” for the local publication. Each month I tell readers what produce is available locally, where they can find it and I give them several seasonal recipes. This column has had great readership and success since it’s inception.
Read past columns HERE.

Project Manager/Technical Writer

Lifedash Inc.
May 2010 – October 2011

As a small software startup, Lifedash was looking for someone who could take charge of practically every aspect of product development,  from research to design to development to marketing and implementation. On a daily basis, I mediated between all these teams, making sure that projects went from a tiny idea into a fully researched, designed, developed and marketed product.  In addition to PM duties, I often filled in as technical writer. I have written numerous context scenarios, use cases and specification reports on various software components. I find that clear communication between teams and agile development are the keys to making brand new products see the light of day.
Because of a Nondisclosure Agreement my work with this company is not available online. A portfolio of this work is available upon request through personal interview.

Communications Intern

City of Virginia Beach, Agriculture Department
October 2009-May 2010

I came into the city as an intern for my professional writing program. My job was to help them create scripts for guided tours that they were creating in conjunction with the Virginia Beach Visitor’s Bureau. These scripts would be used to train docents in giving tours of the Virginia Beach Farmers Market and bus tours to Virginia Beach farms.
Writing the scripts required an immense amount of research into the history of agriculture and farming in the city. This research included historical document research as well as live interviews with area locals and subject matter experts. On numerous occasions I went into farmers’ and locals’ homes to collect their stories and get a feel for the things that would be most engaging and interesting to our tour groups.
After writing the scripts I was then tasked with putting together the marketing and promotional materials for these tours. This included writing up city press releases, working with a graphic designer to put together a “sell sheet” for the tours, writing radio ads, and consulting on website content.
View some Farmers Market promotional materials

Off Campus Military Site Director and Base Representative

Tidewater Community College
November 2005-July 2010

I came to TCC in 2005 as an undergraduate student. My job when I got there was to act as an assistant for the current Off-Site Director at TCC’s student services office aboard Naval Station Norfolk. Before long, I was doing most of the same day-to-day jobs as the Director, save a few administrative tasks. By 2007 they had promoted me to an Education Support Specialist and I began seriously counseling students, taking on additional administrative tasks, and even proposed the idea of a military oriented newsletter.
The newsletter was accepted by the college’s Creative Department and later that year I began writing and editing “The Pathfinder” – the college’s first and only student centered newsletter.
In 2009 the Off-Site Director left and I was promoted to her position. In this position, I ran the office on a day-to-day basis, including the supervision and training of Education Support Specialists. I also coordinated and scheduled nearly 100 classes annually for TCC aboard Naval Station Norfolk. This involved communicating and coordinating with military personnel, government contractors, college deans and department heads, professors and of course, students.
Additionally, I continue to write and edit the college’s military newsletter and in late 2009 proposed that the newsletter be moved into a digital E-mail format which was approved by the Vice President of Military Programs at TCC. Since then I have been working on moving the former quarterly print newsletter into a monthly digital format. The E-newsletter currently has over 600 opt-in recipients and has been very well received.
View previous issues of The Pathfinder.


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